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CUAA-DC members are proud to represent one of the most illustrious and thriving cohorts of Indian diaspora in the DMV region; they are a distinguished ensemble of professionals

including scientists, physicians, educators, engineers, and science and

policy administrators across many federal and commercial entities.  

CUAA-DC, Inc. is an US-based non-profit organization that welcomes all alumni of the University of Calcutta together with their family members and friends. 


Since 1997, CUAA-DC has been supporting our communities, fostering new friendships and partnerships, and arranging year-around gatherings across all ages, religions, and creeds. CUAA-DC supports many philanthropic activities across the world and undertakes projects focused on the younger generations to inculcate the values of our alma mater.

In recent years, we are thrilled to see a that the number of our alumni and friends in the DMV region is growing and we like extend our warmest welcome to all newcomers. You are our patrons, inspirations, and workforce. None of our undertakings would be possible without your support and active participation, since CUAA is fully operated by volunteer work.

We like to hear from you all- even if you are just curious about CUAA-DC. We could be reached via contact us.  

                            CUAA-DC’s mission is to educate, inspire and empower the aspiring educators and professionals, who represent underprivileged communities.


CUAA-DC’s commitments

  • Presenting a platform for a seamless exchange of ideas across the community members and stakeholders.

  • Organizing workshops, seminars and study circles for the benefits of next generation professionals.

  • Fostering collaborations with like minded organizations for holistic social benefits, such as alleviating food insecurity and presenting books and school supplies to underserved student bodies.

                                                                                         We are an independent organization, not affiliated with Calcutta University, India. Please see our constitution here or visit the pertinent webpage.

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