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Suman was born and grew up in the mining and industrial belt of north-central India and moved around due to the nature of his father’s employment. It was a valuable experience growing up in a culturally and socio-economic-geographically diverse atmosphere. He did his BSc with Chemistry Hons from Scottish Church College and MSc in Biochemistry from Ballygunge Science College of the Calcutta University, Kolkata. During his academic stint in Kolkata, he was exposed and influenced by the rich cultural atmosphere and scientific excellence of the University. After completing his PhD from Toronto, Canada he moved to the Washington area in 1997 in pursuit of training and career and has called it his home since then. He and his wife work at NIH and live in Silver Spring with their son, who is currently a UMD undergraduate student. They are involved in supporting events and cultural programs of the Indian diaspora. He enjoys reading, travelling, cooking and adda with friends, and is also an ardent hockey fan.


Suman Mukhopadhyay



Dipannita Dutta


Dipannita is an active member of CUAA since 2012. After leaving her hometown of Bandel, West Bengal, she embarked on a path that brought her to the DC area in 2010 She nurtured her love for Biology by pursuing a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Physiology from CU. Her scientific training ignited a desire for higher education, leading her to Israel, where she pursued a doctorate in Cell Biology from Tel-Aviv University. Currently, her employment with a Biopharmaceutical company provides her with the perfect platform to merge her scientific expertise with her desire to make a meaningful difference in patient’s lives. Alongside her professional achievements, Dipannita is also a devoted mother to a young boy, loves travelling, enjoys cooking and is a foodie. In addition to her scientific pursuits, she channels her passion for dance and acting by engaging in these creative outlets within the community. Her participation with CUAA, along with her husband Sujoy allows them to stay connected with fellow alumni and foster a sense of camaraderie.

Saswati Motayed

Community outreach & Board oversight

Saswati Motayed graduated with a MSc degree in Psychology from the CU Science College. She moved to USA in 1976 and has been a resident of Maryland since then. Saswati has been a member of CUAA since its foundation and is currently a member of its Board of Directors. She lives in Potomac with her husband.

Pampa Mondal

Hello, I'm Pampa. I have a son in the Navy and a lovely daughter. I have a deep passion for gardening, reading, and traveling. These hobbies bring immense joy and fulfillment to my life, allowing me to nurture both nature and my sense of exploration. I eagerly look forward to each new day, ready to embrace whatever wonders it might bring my way.

Electronic communication & Records


Ranadhir Dey

Nabarun Chakraborty


Nabarun Chakraborty received his Bachelor’s degree from Presidency College and Master’s degree from IIT, Kanpur. At the end of last century, Nabarun came to University of Maryland, College Park for higher studies, graduated with MS MBA and since then he is living in DMV area. Presently, he lives in Rockville with his wife and two young sons. As a Principal Investigator of Systems Biology group at one of the seminal DoD Research Centers, Nabarun’s current reserach interest is about applying AI/ML empowered knowledge to find biomarkers and explore astrobiology. Nabarun loves spending his leisure time in reading books, writing and painting.



Ranadhir Dey was born and grew up in Bankura, West Bengal. After completion of bachelor’s, he moved to Kalyani University and later to Kolkata for pursuing higher education. During that period and till now, Ranadhir had collaborated several with scientists from Kolkata University. Trained as an immunologist, Ranadhir is now working at FDA. His wife Amrita and two daughters Rishita, Riddhima are deeply engaged with the different forms of Indian performing arts. Ranadhir loves to support and foster alumni association to maintain the cultural essence and integrity. He enjoys listening classical music and readings.

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